Classes Include:

​Understanding Responsibilities of Owning and Carrying a Handgun

​Choosing a Handgun

Different Types of Ammunition

Firearms Safety Rules

Mechanics of Firearm Use

Understanding Principles of Handgun Shooting

Care and Cleaning

​Understanding Statute 624.714 (Permit to Carry)

Psychological and Physiological Effects of a violent encounter

Understanding Statute 609.065 (Justifiable Taking of Life)

​Weapon Retention Drills

​Range Safety and Live Fire at Range


Our Instructor

​Joe Trout served our community in law enforcement for 20 years and has recently retired. He started Peace Keepers, Inc. to help those in our community protect themselves from violent crime. He has experienced a great deal of violence against innocent citizens in his career and is now training individuals, through his own company, on the proper and safe use of a firearm for personal protection. His classes are extremely comprehensive and he uses stories as examples from his career in his teaching. His wife Robin is also an instructor and works with him in the business and will teach females upon request if they do not feel comfortable with a male instructor.